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Mar. 4th, 2010

Fuck me... I got into Central St Martins.

Posted my acceptance on Monday. Still hasn't really sunk in.

Flip, gang. I'm going to art school.
So... I've just found out that the cast/crew screening for the film I worked on last year is on the same day as Lolita in Wonderland. It's a day screening. FML. FML.

So... that wipes out the afternoon...


(But hooray, I get to see my name in some credits?!)


-bashes face onto table-

I think I'm going to start using LJ again after my art school interviewy-portfolio things are over. Because I deserve it.

I love art but I want to squeeze it to a pulp.

My life in pictures

I'm mainly writing this so you lot don't forget me and also so I can warn you that I'm watching all of you and reading all your jernals still.

How creepy of me, sorry.

I'd also like to apologise for the massive christmas card fail; everything went a bit cronky around christmas so it all went a bit downhill... next year I'll send you all two christmas cards. And I'm not even joking, that's the sad bit...

For now, have some pictures because that's the most interesting thing I can share with you. A fun spam of lifebits, lomography and lollygagging.

Snow happened. Then ice happened...

China figurine in my room. D'aww

My bed as close as you can get without your eyes getting wet (That doesn't work here, does it..?) and a bit of my wardrobe.

Doodling oneself and reading. Very important.

Had a lot of tea. Perfect conclusion.

Did an actual photoshoot on saturday (I GOT SOME GREEN, YO. I AM MARGINALLY LOADED BUT NOT REALLY.) and got to have my ribs crushed and felt suave. Have a silly picture of it off my phone. (I actually did normal faces and was all proper when it happened, honest...)

Tomorrow I am going to see some Aztec things in the British Museum. As my friend so aptly put it "It might cost a tenner but we can look at the mummies for FREE!". Looking forward to it. Yippee-doo.

That's it but do read my lifespan and drop me a line because I miss you. Evidently I do, because I've come out of my hermit hole and everything. :<

Resurfacing for christmas.

Oi, you lot.

Do you want some christmas carding? Sure you do.

Whack your address below in the screened comment section (How snazzo!) and then wait for your fancy christmas surprise to arrive...

In return, I may force my own address upon you.


I shall be posting information in the next couple of days on the super fun food/drink/present christmas outing (Fun for all) that I am adamant on organising.


This is the worst LJ hiatus ever. I'm sorry I haven't replied to comments about me not-loli-ing-no-more... I just don't want to go "UM THANKS GUYS FOR TELLING ME I IZ PRETTY" and then sort of close off our ties. I'd rather keep you hanging and then we can all pine after each other and successfully remain friends. Hah! I'm the puppet master of relationships.

Best love. xxx


I will not be updating this journal for the forseeable future and I will not be attending any lolita meets. I still want to see you guys, but... not in the context of "Lolita Meet", I guess... I feel exceptionally awkward out of lolita when all around me are in it, and I'd rather be remembered in lolita-spheres as a big-haired joybasket than a standoffish blonde mess fumbling about in tweeds.

In some ways, I think this is my "official-official retirement" from lolita but heigh ho. I have tried not wearing the fashion for a little bit and I still have no inclination to go back to it. I will not be selling my clothes or owt in case I miraculously change my mind, and... they still appeal to me as beautiful objects or remind me of some really, really amazing times and some fantastic people.

I will not be updating this journal for the time being because... I don't really see the point. I'm not sure if anybody would read it, and this is most definitely a blog with it's roots stuck deep in lolita. Plus, with a lot of the positive aspects of blogging have come the negative sides, such as being talked about in ways that make no sense (And yes, were kind of funny but I really don't have a wanger, honest...) or seeing things bounce from a mate's blog to another blog and... yeah. I never thought that blogs such as these would be forums for addressing srs business, and I sort of want out of LJ. If you want to watch me whine about my life, I'm only a tweet away, anyhow..!

I would really, really like to organise one last informal winter knees up, as I have done for the past two years. Would that be alright? And really, if we aren't already joined at the hip please add me on facebook, add my msn/AIM, email me or type something here that allows me to retain my ties with you. Just because I got no petticoat don't mean I want no pals.

msn: charliepoms3000@hotmail.com (I made it when I was 10, you are forbidden from judging me)
email: jedijam@gmail.com (Almost worse. Made when I was a terrible thirteen year old or something ghastly.)
AIM: cakeonmyhead
twitter: charliejamison

Thank you all for the amazing times I've had and the people I've met. I never thought that the nylon-frilly-ghastly-plastic outfits I wore as a dorky 14 year old would lead to me having some of the most beautiful, brilliant and amazing friends in the world. Without you guys I would probably be snorting into a packet of quavers whilst watching sitcoms on my own, painfully ignorant, painfully dull and painfully unloved. If you don't loaf about with me outside of meets, I'm going to get a shovel and smack you right round the face with it.

And on that particularly violent high, I think I'll finish. Thank you, honestly. xxx

How embarrassing will this be when I sidle back onto the lolita scene in the spring..? I can just feel the awkwardness already.






I've started my application-creation for foundation... D8

OH GOD and I saw The Specials on Wednesday!! Yes! The Specials! Me! Flipping hell, 2tone is amazing.

Today I'm going to go to Westfield and buy some winter boots. If my wallet will allow it after the economical beating I gave it yesterday...




This is basically just me trying to counterbalance all the photos of me dressed up as a dude with a more genuine photo..! This was taken on sat'dee night with one of my new chums.

We moved on to Freedom and that was more chilled. Punk was fun at first when it was just us lot for the party, but when the regulars started coming in, it got a bit seedy quite quickly, with city boys literally just grabbing girls. Music also deteriorated fast. Freedom was good fun as I actually got to sit and talk with people and take the weight off my flipping studded bungalow-sized heels...

Nov. 8th, 2009


It seems that dressin' a la dude is becoming slightly regular. I went to a Toffs vs Chavs party while I was staying in Cambridge (OH, THE IRONY.) I decided to rock a combover. And a 'tache. Benedict was proud to have me on his arm.

By the end of the night, I looked a little bit like Hitler...

I found out that my terrible dancing is somehow appreciated, which was groovy. I'm also a terrible traveller. I'm very good at getting there on time and enjoy planes-driving-etc., but if one small thing goes out of my control, I just turn into some sort of... seething ragepot. My coach was delayed for 30 minutes going back. My journey had been carefully planned so I could see my mum at 'ome for fireworks. I seethed and stamped my way across the underground system, smacking outwardly content looking people with my sparkly hold-all. Trains stress me out bags because they stop so frequently and I can't see where I am well enough to update my mental map.

Nevertheless, I had a brillo time, even if I did get a bit sadsack when the coach left. I love Cambridge.

I like being that close to a Rubens when I wake up in the morning.


...Oh yeah, and Benedict. Him and all.

All of your Wednesdays/Thursdays deserves this.